Women in STEM Fields - The Power of Diversity on Success and Profitability of Tech Companies

By Stephie Althouse | April 7 , 2017 | 0

What are the reasons to take a stand for more women in STEM fields (STEM = science, technology, engineering, and math)?  Why is it important to give women more opportunities to participate, not only at the entry or middle level but also at the top leadership level, in fields related to science, technology, engineering, and math?

One fundamental reason is shockingly simple: Most intelligent people would argue that if you are going to solve a problem, any complex problem, that you would want the best team available.

You would not eliminate 50% of the people on the planet (and lose 50% of the intellect available) based on gender.  That seems especially necessary in STEM fields, which are complex fields by their very nature.

Nor would you want a team that was highly homogenous, thinking in the same manner.  Women and men have different perspectives and approaches to share.  This diversity leads to strong choices.  Strong choices lead to winning projects.

Don't give away 50% of your resources to your competitors.  Take advantage of the strength of diversity.

As for leadership qualities, women and men complement each other.  The old game was for women in STEM fields was to emulate male leadership styles to make it to the top.  The new and much better approach is for women to bring their innate qualities and leadership style to the table.  The resulting teams are much more powerful because, again, diversity creates more foresight, insight, and success.

We are interested to hear about your experiences:

  • To what extent do you think that the STEM company you work in is truly embracing diversity? (on a 1-10 scale where 10 is optimal)
  • Which, if any, steps is your company taking to create leadership teams that are strongly composed of both men and women?
  • Which obstacles to 50/50 leadership (men/women) do you see as still being in force?

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Also, check out our page on Women in STEM.

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